Bolaji Badejo who played the alien creature in the film Alien, England, 1978. Photographed by Eve Arnold.
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Bolaji Badejo who played the alien creature in the film Alien, England, 1978. Photographed by Eve Arnold.

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This is all I want.



if you haven’t seen this then who even are you

wow this guys work always is great when I come across it, just watching this gave me a lot of tips and tricks 


Prometheus Trailer Music


Évolution inversée

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I saw this homeless-looking man (confirmed not homeless) at the station yesterday morning and he had an enormous white cat on a leash and he was napping so cutely so I doodled them in class… and then had a chance to get to know them today on my way back!!!!!! WHAT A MASSIVE SWEETIE PIE apparently he’s over 100 in cat years and is so gentle and adorable and DKSKXKDK

Lionsgate To Split Final ‘Divergent’ Sequel ‘Allegiant’ Into Two Films | Deadline



'Harry Potter' gave the world many wonderful things, this trend is not one of them.





Okay so it’s October and as promised, here’s the first chapter!
I hope you’ll enjoy it!!

I started posting my comic online (and in English, of course)!
Hope you’ll give it a read! *3*


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okay so I keep seeing people claiming that Cersei’s jealousy of Brienne is OOC and I am just baffled to be honest. 

Cersei is so jealous of Brienne. There is not a fibre of Cersei’s being that is not jealous of Brienne. 

and that has nothing to do with Jaime. 

Jealousy is absolutely present in that scene, but it’s all at the beginning: “You’re Lord Selwyn Tarth’s daughter, that makes you a lady whether you want to be or not” absolutely reeks of Tywin. These are the same words that Cersei herself has heard her whole life. These are the words that little six year old Cersei is told when Tywin catches her swapping clothes with Jaime so she can learn swordfighting. 

Yet here’s this enormous ridiculous woman who has everything Cersei wants: freedom, physical power, a life without fear of being played as a pawn when she knows she’s more than that. 

And we all know Cersei, Cersei hates being the less-powerful party, and for all that she could have Brienne carted off to the dungeons if she wanted, the fact that Brienne has so much that Cersei wants is infuriating for her. She needs to find a weakness, and she does; the way Brienne smiles when she talks about Jaime is textbook schoolgirl crush and suddenly Cersei has the upper hand. 

Now she has something Brienne wants, and she’s going to play that to her advantage. In making jibes about Brienne’s history and directly challenging her love for Jaime, Cersei is proving both to herself and to Brienne that she is superior. 

Brienne might be a warrior but Cersei is a lioness. Cersei is a Queen. Cersei has Jaime’s heart.

This scene was not about a “love triangle”. 

This scene was about a power-play. 


Saw my all time favourite dress. Great opportunity to shoot some close-ups!